Captin Fresh is the UKs FIRST professional cleaning service dedicated to increasing the life of your fitted, snap back and 5 panel caps. If you want to keep you caps fresh for longer be sure to check out:

To find out how Captin Fresh can keep you caps fresher for longer!

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Anonymous asked: This is so cool! Wish you best of luck!! :)

Cheers mate :)

Your beloved snapback/fitted/panel cap is in safe hands with Captin Fresh’s safe and effective professional cap cleaning service!
Visit to find out how to get your caps fresh for summer!
Finally the moment has arrived for all you folks who dont live in Bristol to get in on the action! Captin Fresh has just launched an online ordering system so you can get your cap cleaned in 5 simple steps! Go to and order your Bespoke Captin Fresh Cleaning Package! Place your order via the ‘Cap Store’ link and follow the instructions. Its quick and easy….Captin Fresh will send you out a pre paid box, you send it to us….magic happens and then it’s safely returned by recorded post back to you! Anyone who wants to place an order outside of the UK please contact me at:

Anonymous asked: How to wash new ear a snapbacks

I clean New Era snapbacks! :)

Anonymous asked: How do I remove a faded spots from my Five Panel???

Hey, thanks for the question. If its faded there is nothing you can. You cant add colour by cleaning it. Is it definatly faded and not soiled? Sometimes this can make it appear dull…do you have a picture?

Cant wait to start on my latest cap cleaning project!
If you have a cap collection you would like to refresh contact me on.
Captin Fresh will prolong the life of your cap! So you can wear your caps as often as you like! At Captin Fresh we have developed a system that thoroughly cleans your entire cap without causing the colour to fade or damage to the fabric!
Contact me at